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    Add:Dongcheng District Dongguan Guangming Road 27
  • Name:Progressive Die Stamping,Aluminum stamping,Aluminum Alloys for Stamping,Stainless Steel Stamping

    Size:acccording to customer's demand
    Supply Ability:100000piece/year
    Model NO.:RP-S1
    We produce kind of  EUREGAP Steel sheet metal cold stamping, Progressive Die Stamping,Zinc plated mild steel fabrication,Deep drawing,Sheet metal fabrication,Laser sheet metal cutting.
    we supply kinds of metal stamping parts totally according to client's drawings and samples
    please visit our website to have a further understanding about the full range of our products.


    Brief Info of Our Display products:
    Item:Custom Stamped Parts/Precision Stamped Parts/Medical Stampings/Energy Stampings/Automotive Stampings/Metal Forming/SHEET METAL FABRICATION/LASER SHEET METAL CUTTING/Progressive Dies/Precision Tooling/Progressive Die Stamping/Aluminum stamping/Aluminum Alloys for Stamping/Stainless Steel Stampings/Plastic Stampings/Copper Metal Stampings/Brass Stamped Parts/metal stamping die/metal stamping blanks/STAMPING Journal Magazine/Fineblanking/
    main material:Steel,Stainless steel,carbon steel,Aluminum...etc
    size/color:according to the customers' demands
    Machining range:According to your requirement
    surtfac finishing:E-coating,Zinc-plated,Chrome-plated,Power coating as per customers request.

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